ChatGPT website integration for personalised support

Healthcare platform addressed complex query support by integrating ChatGPT with Dialogflow for NLP, improving user experience and expanding reach.

Note: due to a NDA agreement, this company's name cannot be disclosed. To ensure confidentiality, we are refering to this client as "SymptoCare".
SymptoCare, an online healthcare platform, faced the challenge of providing personalised and effective customer support for users inputting their symptoms and seeking potential diagnoses and next steps. The existing platform offered symptom checking and diagnosis, but users still required assistance with more complex questions and concerns. A conversational AI solution that could effectively handle diverse user queries in a personalised manner was needed.
This challenge was addressed by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT with Dialogflow into SymptoCare's website. Dialogflow's natural language processing capabilities enabled ChatGPT to understand user queries and respond effectively, offering personalised and accurate support. As a result, users now receive immediate responses to their queries, and the AI-based solution handles multiple inquiries simultaneously, improving the overall user experience. The integration also expanded the SymptoCare's ability reach to other platforms, increasing accessibility for a wider audience.
Project details
  • NLP
  • Web development
  • Conversational design
  • Model training
16 Weeks

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