Sales & CS

Deploy AI for sales and customer service to increase new business and reduce churn. Our custom solutions transform every touchpoint, from outreach and conversion to implementation and support, ensuring a powerful and efficient sales and customer service process.

Use cases

Implement AI-powered chatbots that move customers through the sales journey, offering personalised assistance and intelligent interactions.
conversational knowledge bases
Allow customers to converse with knowledge base content directly using generative AI to make self-service support more effective and accessible.
Personalised Email
Enhance customer interactions with individually tailored emails, automated through AI-generated content and optimally timed deliveries.
call augmentation
Empower representatives with real-time call analysis and intelligent on-screen prompting to drive conversions and improve customer experiences.
admin automation
Streamline administrative tasks effortlessly through AI-powered admin automation, freeing up valuable time and resources for more strategic endeavours.
forecast strategy
Deploy AI for accurate sales forecasting, predicting trends to optimise inventory management and resource allocation.
increase in customer satisfaction through AI chatbots
productivity increase in workforces using AI in their operations
increase in conversion rates within sales teams using AI to automate their processes

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